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Meet Our Mentors

The RevRoad model is a unique blend of accelerator, agency, and venture capital. RevRoad works with your business at any level of growth to help you scale your efforts. Grow, scale, and multiply your profits all under one roof.

Kristi Holt
CEO at Vibeonix
20+ years in Entrepreneurship

Jeff Erickson
Director of Partnerships at Forecastr | Serial Founder | Angel Investor
20+ years in Entrepreneurship

Glen Mella
CEO & Co-Founder at Axcend
20+ years in Entrepreneurship

Spencer Hewlett
Executive Vice President & CFO
20+ years in Entrepreneurship

Kurt Brockwell
Sales Leader at Amazon Web Service | Investor | Mentor
20+ years in Entrepreneurship

Anne Marie Brockwell
Sales Executive & Board Advisor
20+ years in Business Development

Scott Stornetta
VC Partner at Yugen Partners | Blockchain Advisor
20+ years in Entrepreneurship

Susan Praetor
Retired Chairman and CEO
20+ years in Ed. Tech

Scott Petersen
Successful Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | Business Leader
20+ years in Entrepreneurship

Inger Erickson
Angel Investor at Gabb | Founder

Jordan Boogaard
Founding Member and President of Sales at Eddy | HR Evangelist

Brad Caldwell
Founder and CEO at Security Metrics | Business Leader

Jackson Ostler
Successful Entrepreneur | Cofounder and COO at Plena Data

James Grierson
CEO at Automatic | Strategist | Board of Directors | Angel Investor

Michelle Lockhart
Founder and CEO at MoreEnergy

Andrew Van Buren
Founder | CEO 

Rachelle Morris
Co-Founder and Managing Director at RevRoad Capital

Stan Lockhart
Board Member | Principal at The Lockhart Group

Sunshine Chapman
Founder and President at ERC Provider | 20+ years in Entrepreneurship

Andrew Van Buren
Founder | CEO 

What People Say About Our Mentors

John Dayton

John Dayton, Chief Medical Officer of MedForums

Being able to work with someone like RevRoad where we have the things that we wanted specifically: the knowledge base and the mentorship was very helpful.

Parker Gentry, Founder and CEO of SkillStruck

The mentors at RevRoad helped do much more than mentorship—they get their hands dirty with you and work in the trenches with you to bridge the gap.

Karoline Pershell, PhD, COO of SRT Labs

Working with RevRoad as we grew as a company. Their expertise in fundraising, branding, legal, and sales helped us shape strategy, but most important were the advisors who were carefully tracking and could provide the as-needed mentorship when the unexpected hit.