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Grow Your Team, Not Your Burn Rate

Our team are fellow builders who understand what it takes to help companies grow. We provide our portfolio co-founders with guidance, skills, and expertise.

Derrin Hill
Founder & CEO

Amy Caldwell
Co-founder & CPO

Bruce Hassler
Co-founder & CTO

A.J. Rounds
Co-founder & CMO

Bart Skalla
Co-founder & CFO

Joel Beus
Chief Legal Counsel

Jason Dance
Chief Revenue Officer

Scott Petersen
Chief Academic Officer

Andy Brimhall
Video Producer

Chelsea Brimhall

Chelsea Brimhall
Business Development Specialist

Chelsea Cullen
Senior Graphic Designer

Dalton Carson

Chris Dron
Software Engineer

Brooklyn Dummar
Event Manager

Emily Clinger
Business Development Specialist

Jacob Hutchings
Principal Software Engineer

Jacob Tye
Software Engineer

Kahilu Chengo
Human Resources Generalist

Brett Williams
Digital Marketing Specialist

Brittany Ouimette
PR & Copywriting Specialist

Paighton Moffitt
Project Manager

Seth Robinson
Director of Capital & Finance

Steve Goodrick
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Natalie Mertz

Maria Camargo
UX and Web Designer

Paul Victor

Chelsea Brimhall

Paul Victor
Business Development Specialist

Greg Hutchins
Business Development Specialist

Our Core Values


Courage and resolve. Strength of character. We make it happen no matter the obstacle. This defines those that are willing to put their hands in the dirt to accomplish their goals.


Increase in economic value or activity. We are focused on growing ourselves, portfolio companies and investors, partners, and sponsor opportunities in every facet.


The quality of being thankful. We show thanks in all we do and invite others to do the same. Every day we are grateful for the insights and energy our portfolio companies bring to RevRoad.


When a company becomes a part of the RevRoad portfolio we facilitate the perfect mentoring match tailored to your needs.

Kristi Holt
CEO at Vibeonix
20+ years in Entrepreneurship

Jeff Erickson
Director of Partnerships at Forecastr | Serial Founder | Angel Investor
20+ years in Entrepreneurship

Glen Mella
CEO & Co-Founder at Axcend
20+ years in Entrepreneurship

Kurt Brockwell
Sales Leader at Amazon Web Service | Investor | Mentor
20+ years in Entrepreneurship