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ProLink is creating the LinkedIn of eSports. Its network will connect you with both progamers and anyone in your personal network who plays the same games you do. Now, you can make, share and follow the gaming content you care about.
Coursenova makes college more accessible to more people. The company helps people from all walks of life find the right class, with a focus on classes that get them closer to their goals. Everyone should have access to education, and Coursenova is making that happen.
MedForums improves healthcare by helping physicians find the best practice tools with reviews of conferences, medial apps, continuing education courses, and more. This is the place for medical colleagues to share their experiences.
AromaRest is a three-in-one sleep system that helps you get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake well. This revolutionary product combines a bluetooth speaker and soft, dimmable lighting with two aromatherapy diffusers. It’s easy to manage from the palm of your hand — smartphone app included.
PhoneSoap is a revolutionary system for cleaning and disinfecting mobile devices with the power of UV rays. The idea started as a small phone cleaning device, and offerings now include a range of bacteria-busting products.
GoPlug revolutionized on-the-go power with the most compact yet powerful portable battery in the industry. The travel-friendly, multi-purpose chargers now include solar-powered recharging capability and are built into a wide selection of customized bags.
Ticket Counter launched in 2014 to offer show tickets in Las Vegas and other destination cities. Ticket Counter is customized for travel agents and works closely with venues and other affiliate online ticketers. It has become the third-largest online partner for entertainment and travel bookings in Las Vegas.
useAIble is a research and development (R&D) company that has reimagined machine learning. Its patent-pending Ryskamp Learning Machine (RLM) is purpose-built for the next frontier of artificial intelligence — unsupervised learning.
PhoneSoap Medical
Medical PhoneSoap offers simple, effective solutions that allow doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors a way to completely cut off the spread of phone-borne illness. Popular in the healthcare industry, PhoneSoap products have been used in nursing stations, waiting rooms, and NICUs.

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