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Derek Omori
Cameron Adamson
Forest Pfatenhauer
Kyler Sommer

Gaming & social networking

Connect with friends that play games across any platform.

“ is the first social network for gamers. Its platform will connect you with both pro-gamers and anyone in your personal network who plays the same games you do, cross-platform. Now, you can create, share and follow the gaming content you care about.

Every entrepreneur is skeptical of what others intentions, motives, and actual contributions will be. But as soon as we met with the RevRoad team and saw the excitement that matched our own, we knew we were in the right place.

We’re focused on early adopters that are in college or have their first full time job. Also on people that are disconnected from their groups of friends and are looking to connect over video games.

We had the initial capital resources but lacked the technical skills. Working with Bruce and the Dev Team provided technical leadership and strategy that our team was lacking. Not only did we save money, but we were also able to produce a superior product during that time.

If it wasn’t for RevRoad, we would have been left trying to read as many books from entrepreneurs as possible and we would have ended up making mistakes and learning things the hard way. With the mentors and leaders at RevRoad, they were able to guide us around problems they had already experienced themselves or knew people that had gone through similar things.

During our Beta we performed over 500 in-depth customer surveys and we learned what users really value in their social experience in gaming. Not only are they not using alternatives like Facebook, Instagram, or community forums like Reddit, to talk about games, but less than 15% use Discord (Direct Solution/Competitor) ONLY for its voice chat functionality. Over 80% have 1-3 text messages groups where they prefer to talk about video games on a day-to-day basis. They want privacy and an intuitive way to learn both WHEN their friends are playing and WHICH games their friends are playing. Afk is here to solve this problem by bringing the simplicity and privacy of group chat together with the features of the social platforms they love.”