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Prepear is the online destination for food publishers and consumers. Food publishers can publish their content, connect with new and existing audiences, and generate revenue directly from their content. Consumers can easily find and organize their favorite recipes, create and use new meal plans, and quickly shop for groceries all in one place.

Spring 2019
Natalie Monson, Russ Monson, Mark Gardener, Brad Hoen, Russ Johnson
Prepear Product

The mission of Prepear is simple: to take the pain out of cooking at home.

Prepear helps you organize your recipes, plan your meals, and get your groceries fast, so you can spend more time around the table with the people you love.

Prepear was interested in partnering with RevRoad due to RevRoad’s deep technical expertise from its development team, its excellent marketing team, RevRoad’s fundraising capabilities, and the fact that RevRoad’s executive team has successfully started and scaled numerous other successful companies.

Prepear’s marketplace creates a new way of monetizing and consuming food-related content on the internet. Unlike other social platforms and content distribution systems, we share our revenue directly with the food publishers on our platform. Consumers get an excellent end-to-end home cooking experience and have a significantly improved experience consuming recipes on our platform than on traditional food blogs.

Prepear’s most significant pain point before joining RevRoad was acquiring the capital to increase their team size so they could deliver our product to the market more quickly.

RevRoad solved this problem in two ways. Initially, we significantly increased the capacity of Prepear’s development and marketing teams without consuming any of their cash so they could make huge strides in the construction and growth of our marketplace. Second, our fundraising team made the fundraising process significantly faster than it would have been had Prepear done it on their own.