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Daniel Ash
Nick Lyon
Steve Gickling

Human resources

The most accurate high-volume hiring software.

Journeyfront uses hiring data and machine learning to accurately predict candidate performance and retention.

Strong partnership mentality; great people we trust; great values alignment; solid expertise in a variety of areas that matter for fast-growing startups.

Companies (200+ employees) that hire regularly, especially for high volume roles struggling from high turnover or variability in performance.

Bad hires cost companies significant amounts of money in the form of high turnover, low performance, and poor cultural fit. Journeyfront’s software helps companies systematically reduce their incidence of bad hires, resulting in improved turnover, performance, and culture.

Fundraising and scaling sales were jointly the biggest pain points for the company prior to RevRoad.

Revroad played a significant role in helping us successfully raise 2 rounds of funding (both significantly oversubscribed) as well as build a sales engine that went on to achieve significant revenue growth.