RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition Supports the “Most Valuable Players in the Economy”

With the goal to inspire and support small businesses in the community, many accelerators, venture capitalists, and business centers are hosting various pitch-off events and startup workshops. It’s encouraging to see so many organizations out to support entrepreneurship! One of these is the annual RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition, sponsored by Central Bank. Each year…

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How to Validate Your Solutions for Free Using Prototype

Imagine you’re an investor, and you’re meeting with two emerging startups. Company #1 comes to you with a promising idea and explains how their app will work, and then invites you to invest $100,000. Company #2 comes with a prototype of their app. Although the design is not perfect, it’s easy to understand the concept, and you got a visual idea of the user experience that looks professional. They also ask for $100,000. Out of the two companies, which would you choose? Which one are you?

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Instagram Stories: The Ultimate Business Engagement Tool

Written by: Julia Cavalcanti

Attention spans have been on a rapid decrease since social media became a big part of daily schedules. What used to be a seemingly short 12 seconds has now decreased to around 8 seconds. Social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook capitalize on this with the use of stories. These short 10-15 second videos and images are perfect to capitalize on the dramatic changes in attention span. 

How does this affect businesses? Well, there isn’t an easier way to engage with followers and customers than through Instagram stories. Stories have revolutionized the way that businesses go about marketing. With stories businesses can post short term ads that take minimal resources to produce. It is an easy and inexpensive way to grab the attention of potential customers. 

In addition, Instagram is making it a lot easier to see the exact numbers and statistics from these stories with their use of Business Accounts. With a Business Account you can 

unlock features that help you track your analytics. These include, story viewers, poll results, question responses, clicks on the links attached, users that went to your page after the story was posted, and more. This is extremely beneficial to businesses because they can now see what is receiving the greatest response and which parts of their stories’ strategy is working. 

Marketers have to adapt to this new wave in social media and marketing to be able to capitalize. Advertising today is very different from what it was decades ago, as now, we are able to reach thousands more people with just a click of a button.

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