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Photos Tell Stories: Keep Memories Alive with Persnickety Box

We live in a digital world. Smartphones make every special moment easy to document—which is great until there’s a software glitch, a device crash, or technology advances make old files unreadable. So, how can we get these precious photos off of our phones and into our hands?Chari Pack, founder at Persnickety Prints, let her passion for photography lead her to opening a print shop. Persnickety Prints specializes in printing timeless photographic images. Their waterproof, ageless prints are meant to last a lifetime.
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6 Steps to Winning the Fan Favorite Prize at the RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition

In 2020, Comma Copywriters received the most fan favorite votes in Ecomp history. Once selected as one of 36 finalists, the Comma team set their sights on winning the Fan Favorite. Luckily, for all future contestants, they are willing to share the details of the strategy that lead to their success. Here’s how they did it!

Networking Scripts to Navigate Existing Relationships

Building connections and relationships with others is a crucial part of doing business. Ever heard the term your network = your net worth? That’s because the people you surround yourself