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When to Use an NDA

Basically, an NDA is a way to keep your “secret” information secret—whether you’re dealing with friends or not. You will want an NDA when you are presenting, sharing, showing, receiving, or allowing outsiders to access your confidential information. In other words, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are legal agreements that protect sensitive information that contribute to projects, ideas, or products of the company and keep that information out of the hands of competitors.
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Changes in Social Media Strategies for 2021

It is inevitable that the strategies in the marketing department will conform alongside the constant shifts in social trends. So what will be different in 2021 compared to past years? A LOT.

A New Year Message From Derrin Hill, CEO at RevRoad

I hope your holidays were special and filled with the blessings of love, family, and service. 2020 was a year to remember for many reasons. Thanks to each of you for your great work, service, and care for our mission. I am so grateful to each one of you.