5 Things to Know about RevRoad

  • Venture Services
    The first and most important thing to know is RevRoad is a venture services firm. This is a different business model than the common accelerator or venture capital models. The benefits of a venture services model are many and include keeping control of your company, getting the services you need to grow in a quick, sustainable way, and networking closely with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  Learn more about what makes venture services different here.
  • Services Offered
    RevRoad offers up to 12 services to the companies within its portfolio. Each company has the opportunity to select the services they’d like to work with during the standard 2-year agreement. The services offered include: 
    • Video
    • Development
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Capital
    • Strategy
    • Systems
    • Engineering
    • Mentors
    • Legal
    • Finance
    • Talent
  • Learn more about RevRoad services here.

Learn more about RevRoad services here.

  • Maintaining Control
    The mission of RevRoad is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Why? Entrepreneurs who create companies also create jobs, which in turn benefits our community as a whole. The problem many startup owners face, however, is spending time and resources building a business, only to end up losing control or ownership. RevRoad’s team is uniquely equipped with experienced serial entrepreneurs and business owners to help their portfolio companies remain in the driver’s seat.
  • Increasing Revenue
    One of the biggest obstacles many entrepreneurs face is lack of resources—specifically, capital. With RevRoad’s 2-year partnership program, portfolio companies have access to expert sales, capital, and finance teams. These teams help RevRoad Portfolio Companies build revenue faster and raise safe capital, if needed, from an exclusive investor network.
  • Robust partnership network 
    While RevRoad offers 12 essential business services with incredible teams, sometimes companies have unique needs. So, to cover all bases, RevRoad has built a robust partnership network for entrepreneurs within the portfolio to utilize. These free offerings from trusted partners, vendors, and sponsors help companies get ahead of the curve, make introductions to venture-friendly entrepreneurs, and receive invitations to events that increase company exposure. 

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